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From: Withheld
Subject: Find The SoapNote: This Story Is FictionThis story contains descriptions of sexual activities of a boy from the age of
six to his adult years.If you are not over 18 years of age, or if you find this type of story
offensive, Or viewing this material is illegal where you are, then please DO
NOT READ IT!If you choose to read it, then - I hope you enjoy it!Story: "Find The Soap"
Codes: Gay, Ped, 1st, M/b
Writer: WithheldDeb my sister and I were bbs boys galeries taking a bath with dad and we started playing "Find
the Soap". The Object of the game was to put the soap in our hands and make it
slide out and fall into the water. Then we all would try to find the soap
before the other one does.Deb and I started to find my dads cock more than young nudists models bbs
we found the soap. I could see
dads cock was hard and just under the water. Every time I searched for the soap
I made it a point to grab my dads cock and give it a few bbs suck coock
strokes. When I did
the head of his cock would be just out of the water so I could see the head of
his cock. When I pulled on his cock I could see some clear stuff leak out of
his cock.Soon dads cock was nice and hard, and I could see it felt good to him when I
would move my hand up and down his shaft. After a few mins dad had a raging
hard on, and it was leaking more of the clear fluid. From time to time dad
would tell us to stop it but it seemed he really did not mean it because he
never pushed our hand away.Deb and I were taking turns running both our hands up and down his shaft. Dad's
eyes were shut and he started to make a face that looked like it was feeling
good. He let out a sound and then he shot many streams of white stuff all over
me and Deb.Dad looked embarrassed and told us we should not do that any more and he told
us to get dried off and put our pajamas on and we could watch TV for an hour
and then we had to go to bed.Later when Deb And I went to sleep I dreamed all night about my dad's hard
cock, How good it felt in my little hands, how slippery his precum was, And how
fun it was pretty teenies bbs
to watch his cum shoot out of free porn galleries bbs his cock.All I thought about all the next day was taking a bath with dad again so we
could play find the soap. I Got Excited when dad said it was time to take a
bath, and as soon as we got in we started to play find the soap. Soon dads cock
was stiff bbs image gallery girl and standing straight out of the water. He did not seem to want us to
stop as much as he did the day before. It felt so good sliding my hands up and
down his stiff shaft. Soon more and more pre-cum oozed out of dads cock, and I
could tell dad was close to Cumming like he did the day before. His cock was
again rock hard almost as hard as a steal pipe. I continued to bbs teen xxx
jerk him off
faster and faster until dad shot his load. His cock went off like a fire hose
with no one holding the end. More and more streams of cum shot into the air.
When he was done shooting his load there was more cum that continued to ooze
out of the head illegal child porn bbs of his cock as I continued to move my hands up and down his
hard shaft.Shortly after dad was done Cumming he told us to get out, and to dry off, but
he continued to lay there in the tub smiling at me and deb. As Deb left the
bathroom dad got out of the tub as I was drying off Dads cock was basically
pointing directly at my face, and It touched my lips but only for a few seconds
as I was drying off. My face was now wet where his cock rubbed against my face
and there was a stream of cum attached from my face to the head of his cock. I
am not sure if bbs lol asian
he did that on purpose or it as a accident, but something inside
me told me to lick the head of his cock. As I licked his cock I also pumped his
cock a few more times and the remaining cum in his shaft was now in my mouth. I
kind of swirled it around in my mouth to taste it, and I have to say it tasted
sweet I almost did not want to stop, but that's all that was left I guess in
his shaft. I looked up at dad and he just smiled at me and asked if it tasted
good. I smiled back, and told him it was very good. I then Continued To Dry
off, and left the cp foto bbs bathroom to watch TV until it was bed time.Me and Deb played find the soap with dad many more times in the next few weeks
taking turns pumping on his cock until he would shoot his load. Sometimes both
me and Deb would take turns xxx rompl bbs
sucking on dads cock after we rinsed the soap off.
At some point Deb stopped taking baths with me and dad, and then it was only me
playing find the soap with dad. Since Deb was not in the bathtub I got more
stick time with dad, and loved to pump his pre-cum in my mouth, and as time
went along I was even able to take his huge loads of cum in my mouth and world lola bbs vids drink
it all down without wasting a drop of his nectar.One night dad did not come home from work, and I missed bbs free listing sex getting him off. I had
to go to bed without getting my normal load of cum for the day, and went to bed
crying. However later that night I was woken by the sounds of my dad
masturbating. Dad was standing directly in front of me, and only inches from my
face. As I woke up I smiled and instinctually wrapped my fingers around his
cock, and pulled him closer erotica bbs board to me as I started to masturbate him. I could see
the instant pleasure that came over him, and it seemed he was relieved that I
reached out for him.As I was masturbating dads cock he started to moan and he pushed his cock
closer to me, and just then I could feel his cock push past my lips and into my
mouth. It was cp kiddy bbs
not but a few moments, and dad started to shoot his cum directly
into my mouth. I was able to keep up with drinking the loads of cum as they
shot into my mouth, but there was some leakage because of how I was pensioned.After dad finished shooting his loads only then I could take his cock out of my
mouth. I feverishly licked up the sperm leakage on his shaft as I continued to
pump the remaining drops of sperm from his cock. when I was done I looked up at
dad, and I could see him smiling as if it as silent approval. I did feel like I
let him down however because I did have some leakage from the corners of my
mouth, but I smiled back at him knowing he was happy. I then rolled over and
went back to sleep with a big smile on my face, and a full tummy.The next day when I got home from school me, and dad went hunting. We walked
for about 30 mins talking about school, the weather, and other things. Soon we
came to a stream where there was a rather large set of boulders, and there was
a small dam built by some beavers.We both sat down to set a bit as we continued to talk. This was the first time
dad explained some things about him and sex. Dad told me about how he bbs kids cp forum
was sorry
for having me jerk him off, and having me suck on his cock. He also told me
that mom don't like sex, and a Man needs sex. He also said mom just had a
operation so she could not have sex for many months.I told dad that I liked masturbating, and sucking on his cock, and I would do
it any time he needed. We continued to talk about sex for a few mins. Dads cock
started to get harder, and harder, And I could see a wet spot forming on dads
pants where his cock head was. As I reached for his zipper to pull his cock out
he grabbed my wrist. I told him I wanted to make him feel good. He looked at me
for a few seconds and asked if I was sure? I said yes I am sure dad released my
wrist, and I pulled his zipper down. I then reached into his pants and pulled
his cock out. At that point His cock was very hard and dripping lots of precum.
I had to lick his cock fast so it was not wasted.I put his cock in my mouth, and started to go down on his cock. After about
five mins dad started shooting his hot loads of cum in my mouth, and I sucked
them all down like a good boy. After Dad was done Cumming I licked his dick
clean, and I put his cock back in his pants, and then we continued to hunt for
some rabbits for dinner.As we continued to walk dad explained to me that he, and his brothers were
bisexual, And that they also sucked on his fathers cock ever since they were
about six years old. I asked dad how big grandpas cock was, and if I could suck
on his cock. Dad said next time we visit I'll ask him. We both smiled and
continued to walk home.For the next year I sucked on dads cock almost every day, and I was happy to
drink his hot think loads. There were other days where I sucked on his cock two
or even three times. As I got older I found myself wanting more, and more cock.Dad started fucking mom again after a few months but she would not give him
pussy very often. Sometimes she would make him stop when he was fucking her
because it would hurt. When that would happen dad would come into my bedroom so
I could finish him off.I did not always suck dad off Sometimes I would lay on my stomach and dad would
put some baby oil between my legs. As Dad pumped his cock between my legs I
could feel the head of his cock hit my cock and balls, and When dad would cum
he would cum all over my Cock And Balls. It felt good having his cock between
my legs, and the rush of pubescent girls bbs
hot cum shooting on my Cock and balls. I however
preferred to suck on movies bbs dads cock so I could drink his cum like milk from a babies
bottle.I continued to suck on my dads cock almost every day until I was about 18 years
old. That's when bbs free listing sex I got married and moved away from home, but most of the time I
would go home to visit we would find time for him to feed me his cock, and
drain his balls into my mouth.The End
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